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  • Jesus Malverde
    Jesus Malverde3 órája

    Bro that truck is so sick

  • CatMan22
    CatMan223 órája

    It's good to know that you're using this to make some money like a true douche-tuber

  • Jesus Malverde
    Jesus Malverde3 órája

    That's crazy I suffer from derealization, depersonalization, anxiety and panic attacks. Never knew how I got these issues. Starting to think all the fights and times I've been jumped maybe damaged that part of my brain.

  • Commander Mudkip
    Commander Mudkip3 órája

    Jonah will never be an actor

  • Divers B
    Divers B3 órája

    7:27 that scene had me laughing so hard 😭😭

  • Chris Boggs
    Chris Boggs5 órája

    That trainer is fucking fine!!!

  • Paulina Lopez
    Paulina Lopez5 órája

    I have nothing but respect for you jeff. You’re so strong

  • Seltz
    Seltz6 órája

    howd ya get ur stort

  • frank andrlik
    frank andrlik6 órája

    My boy airsoft, get after it homeboy

  • Trevor Welsh
    Trevor Welsh6 órája

    With peace & love, fuck David Dobrik. Glad he was there for Jeff though. Hope they still chill & it wasn't all for the camera.

  • 3rd Generation Films
    3rd Generation Films7 órája

    Lmao @jeff Wittek called that the election was rigged months before it was

  • Colton The Not Popular
    Colton The Not Popular7 órája

    We need a Jeff and Alex tv show

  • Rain on me ꈍ .̮ ꈍ
    Rain on me ꈍ .̮ ꈍ7 órája

    jeffs tears at the end 😭😭😭!!!

  • So So
    So So8 órája

    Its call PPP

  • Creppy Monstah
    Creppy Monstah8 órája

    That’s crazy

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown8 órája

    I don't like David anymore

  • Dumb Lout
    Dumb Lout8 órája

    Part two please jeff

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo9 órája

    I love David

  • Lilia Michel
    Lilia Michel9 órája

    Fuck David dobrocks vlog. I’d watch you go grocery shopping.

  • Texmex Pride
    Texmex Pride9 órája

    Jeff has nice hands.

  • Not Jeb Bush
    Not Jeb Bush10 órája

    Jeff's the dopest vlog squad member by far

  • Itta Pupu
    Itta Pupu10 órája

    Hey jeff, you probably wont see this but if you do, just know I feel semi how you feel.. I know my name may not display this but I'm an airborne soldier and a month ago we jumped in Estonia out of an airplane and I broke my leg, shattered my entire ankle, and tore my tendon in my ankle... I've never broke anything in my life.... It's been such a struggle. Not being able to run, not being able to walk, having everyone look at you as the "crutches guy". Its embarrassing and also very anger inducing because even though it hurt(s), it also just pisses me off and more times than one I catch myself start to look down and tear up over it. I know this isnt an eye injury and I'm not risking losing my vision like you but watching these videos about what you're going through does help soothe the depressing feelings I'm thinking knowing my buds are doing what I should and used to be able to do. You're not alone and I really appreciate you posting this

  • Mahky Mahk
    Mahky Mahk3 órája

    Don't belittle yourself like that. It's not like C-130 or C17 driver willingly went full throttle and started rolling the aircraft violently whilst giving you the green light to jump. But, hey, welcome to the club, leg.

  • Rosemarie Taylor
    Rosemarie Taylor10 órája

    Ik david didnt do it on purpose but how dumb can you be to think swinging sumone that fast and high was ok especially cuz david had no idea how to control that thing

  • Karm Dhillon
    Karm Dhillon11 órája

    Why is David do risk working for you Jeff wittek should work for David not David work for Jeff I’m confused

  • Edward Ewing
    Edward Ewing11 órája

    I’m still excited to see Jeff in the Vlogs and to see his growth as a creator

  • Cvers
    Cvers11 órája

    Who TF disliked this video. Everything about this series was beautiful and this video was the cherry on top. Wish you the best of luck Jeff.

  • Shafts Gaming
    Shafts Gaming11 órája

    2:50 Did My Man Just Piss On The Couch 🤣

  • Crispy Chicken
    Crispy Chicken12 órája

    I’ve watched this video at least 30 times and just realized he introduced Joe as Joe Bullpiss💀

  • Alexandro Alvarado
    Alexandro Alvarado12 órája

    But what do you think about David now ?

  • Amelia Jackson
    Amelia Jackson14 órája

    This was beautiful, need more of Jeff and Alex

  • Joker Brain
    Joker Brain14 órája

    He's like 5''3, his nose is the longest thing on his body fo sho..

  • Amelia Jackson
    Amelia Jackson14 órája

    Woww....this was the first time i didn't skip the sponsorship part in a video . Genius.

  • Marz
    Marz14 órája

    Damn, that last minute of the video was grand. I know that a lot of people say this but Jeff genuinely needs to make a movie. Although, he pretty much already did.

  • Stoner Baby710
    Stoner Baby71015 órája

    I love Jeffs videos jonah's attitude is ugly af that's why we don't watch his videos

  • William Knight
    William Knight16 órája

    This is really good but god damn it's so dramatic

  • RandomStix
    RandomStix16 órája

    “I’ve just jumped out of a plane 20 times whats the worse that could happen” the fact that u jumped out of it 20 times safely means that youve already used up good portion of luck :/

  • Onyx Amish
    Onyx Amish16 órája

    You people are using David as an object for entertainment yet try to critique him for using somebody?

  • Khaled Hamdan
    Khaled Hamdan16 órája

    The "where is my mind" remix is immaculate.

  • J E
    J E18 órája

    I use to look forward to your weekly vlogs literally forgot about my depression and you guys make me happy thank you for not giving up and continuing your passion. Can’t wait for Tuesday now! ❤️

  • burn book
    burn book18 órája


  • burn book
    burn book9 órája

    @B K Then I hope next is his right eye.

  • B K
    B K14 órája

    He did forgive him did you watch the series?

  • Frank
    Frank18 órája

    Wasnt put on my subscription page shame on you HUbase

  • Lewmlg
    Lewmlg18 órája

    “David blogs gone” David:I’m back every Tuesday

  • Sîhêm Nôûr-Elhouda
    Sîhêm Nôûr-Elhouda18 órája

    Such a sick high-level content ! Why is HUbase screwing Jeff over , WTFFF ? I had to get a VPN to watch this !!! But what an amazing man Jeff is ! God bless 💘😇

  • Nick Fox
    Nick Fox18 órája

    I know you're probably taking a break from looking at comments (and I don't blame you one bit) but I had no fucking clue who Jeff Wittek was an hour ago. A series of random articles and HUbase algorithm's led me to this series. You're a cool guy Jeff. I would feel same way towards a certain person too if I were in the same position; seriously hard not to have those thoughts - you're human like the rest of us. Somewhere down the road, or even now possibly, you're going to realize this made you a better person and you're going to appreciate shit so much more. A new perspective (as cliche as that sounds, it's true) on life. Your soul is is a good one, and is constantly getting that much closer to enlightenment. Ps don't be a pussy 😉

  • SALEH !
    SALEH !18 órája

    Come on guys it’s very clear that David didn’t mean it .

  • Jordynn Jehl
    Jordynn Jehl19 órája

    It happened. You went through it. And now you’re continuing. You still have a great sense of humor and that’s all you. An ask for.

  • WM Sylo
    WM Sylo19 órája

    if we ever need a solid snake

  • Clove Coast
    Clove Coast20 órája


  • Jesus Velociraptor
    Jesus Velociraptor22 órája

    Do not included any Paul brother in this Jeff. They might as well be as toxic as any Vlog squad member. No, they are more toxic.

  • Jesus Velociraptor
    Jesus Velociraptor22 órája

    Jeff, you need to get the fuck outta Hollywood. You are being used and abused!!! You are clearly better than these false humans!!!!

  • Lili Ramirez
    Lili Ramirez23 órája

    Hey Jeff, that doctor should not have told you that the injured part of your brain in the most important because that is untrue, first and foremost, and insensitive considering they know youth been struggling with depression and anxiety. I’m sorry you had to go through that and I really hope you seek a second opinion.

  • B Mck
    B Mck23 órája

    Jeff, you can do this. It will be a distant memory in the future. Don't give up man. You have people that care about you and that's all that matters. Your tough, day by day buddy.

  • Big PJ
    Big PJ23 órája

    3:56 he predicted it

  • shiny E.
    shiny E.Napja

    Somebody write down the key points of this video pls

  • Hardik Sharma
    Hardik SharmaNapja

    C'mon david 😡😡😠

  • Hardik Sharma
    Hardik SharmaNapja

    He realizes that was stupidest action that could be done, and that's painful

  • DuelingAce

    You do not have to forgive him! If you’re going to forgive him, do it for yourself. Not him. That man almost killed you because of his stupidity. NEVER forget that.

  • Audrey Ortega
    Audrey OrtegaNapja

    Jeff stop crying because you are literally making me cry 🥺.you probably won’t read this but I want you to stay strong and know that you will get through this know matter how long it takes and how many surgeries u you and stay strong plz 🤍

  • Dominic Parker
    Dominic ParkerNapja

    I’m convinced his doctor is a medicine man, very wise, probably takes shrooms & natural herbs aside from being able to practice modern medicine 🍄

  • Marissa Randall
    Marissa RandallNapja

    Let’s be honest…. Jonah contributes nothing

  • natalia

    This video gave me literal anxiety. My chest hurts from watching Jeff get into that awful accident. I was in a car crash a few months ago and I just got the same feeling as that day and omfg, I’m nervous to watch episode three and have a heart attack.

  • Marissa Randall
    Marissa RandallNapja

    I love you Jeff!!!!!!!!! We all support you

  • Guillermo Fernandez
    Guillermo FernandezNapja

    People here care ab this more than there life lmfao

  • Lauren Graves
    Lauren GravesNapja

    You can’t comprehend what it’s like to realize that you could lose a part of your body or it’s functionality until you’re in it, and it’s more disorienting that you can imagine.

  • suzette r
    suzette rNapja

    this gives me trailer park boys vibes

  • Fort craft
    Fort craftNapja

    poor David they all probably fucking hate him...

  • nam mas
    nam masNapja

    2:57 Ex Mafia Hitman

  • mo jo
    mo joNapja

    the beginning of this video makes me mad. i feel like david is very overhyped, i never watch his videos and i’ve been subscribed to jeff for a while now. makes me mad that little short guy basically called jeff irrelevant when i’ve never watched short guy or david’s videos

  • josie

    i know david feels bad :/ he’s just bad at expressing his feelings i feel so bad for jeff

  • Henry Jose
    Henry JoseNapja

    Thank you

  • Cody Hoyt
    Cody HoytNapja

    Me: a 23 year old alcoholic who has been to rehab four times 😐

  • Mivias

    i mean... he wore two towels probably soaked in sweat or water soooo those can actually be three pounds or even more, if he had 216 with no clothes on

  • Raphael Baybay
    Raphael BaybayNapja

    Who's here after watching David's new video?🙌

  • Respected Spice
    Respected SpiceNapja

    “Hey Jeff! I have a degree in psychology and I just wanted to warn you about the amen clinic. Psych students are warned about the scan they use is basically a scam - I would DEFINITELY get a second opinion if you feel like you might actually have brain damage!! I would find a reputable neurologist and have them check it out. Best of luck and stay strong dude” -Lorin Howard (guy in comments. Reposting for Jeff to see)

  • RBFAly /Aly Raelyn
    RBFAly /Aly RaelynNapja

    Everyone blaming David is hilarious. Jeff willingly tried it. There's always risks when doing something like that.

  • Alec Stanley
    Alec StanleyNapja

    Jeff for president

  • PrevailZodiac_YT

    David now vlogging

  • Vontrocity

    jeff was in the video David posted

  • Roy Saxena
    Roy SaxenaNapja

    Jeff can't say Jameson lol

  • Zombie Gaming
    Zombie GamingNapja

    The momentous motorcycle postnatally peep because height progressively confuse on a stiff voyage. evasive, spiteful attention