Jeff Wittek

Jeff Wittek





  • FavJam
    FavJam15 órája

    Wow the eye is looking much better. Almost like pre-injury.

  • Liam Solis
    Liam Solis16 órája

    Jeff should make David change his legal name to David an eye for an I 👀

  • Add my snap lmao r_asHley4789
    Add my snap lmao r_asHley478918 órája

    JoanA : aYyyy we just murderd our own cake 😭😭

  • Ajar Shakeel
    Ajar Shakeel18 órája

    9:20 Jeff missed out on an opportunity for revenge, if only he had known what was to come 🙈

  • Jee Peeps
    Jee Peeps19 órája

    jeff looks so frickin good in this!!

  • rachel heiple
    rachel heiple19 órája

    The fact that David didn’t talk to him and what is the unsenserd at

  • Vlone Angelitooo
    Vlone Angelitooo19 órája

    Tf did David Beckham do?😭

  • Vlone Angelitooo
    Vlone Angelitooo20 órája

    Someone please tell me if this is real or not

  • Luis Aragon
    Luis Aragon20 órája

    Ok you don't need to record your self going thru this. Get over it already

  • Subrosa44zz
    Subrosa44zz21 órája

    Anyone know what kind of truck he has?

  • Andres Cordoba
    Andres Cordoba21 órája

    spit it out... Jonah , hahahahahahh

  • Andres Cordoba
    Andres Cordoba21 órája

    im laughing so haard bro ,,, professional yo yoer hahahahah the bridge haircut dude you are awsome i can relate a lot to you honestly,,,, not on the smart or money level tho... but on the funny side and i also went through almost lossing my eye from a car accident .. remmember that there will always be brighter days and the dark moments are just moments

  • Ash
    Ash21 órája

    Where can you watch the full documentary

  • Nola Russell
    Nola Russell21 órája

    He mentioned all these mean comments but when the Dixie episode aired I deadass thought he looked hot af w the neck brace and all

  • Michael Townley
    Michael Townley22 órája

    What's that song at the beginning of Jeffs video

  • Andres Cordoba
    Andres Cordoba22 órája

    wish you the best bro i honestly hope you get trhough this however ! keep up man !

  • Kiz

    Jonah 😂 it’s my house

  • Dallas Smith
    Dallas SmithNapja

    How much to be your roommate Jeff? I’ll ride my bike to Cali. Good content so you don’t have to get evicted.

  • Jenna Turner
    Jenna TurnerNapja

    Can I come and do boot camp to learn how to eat better and get healthy plus I love that family there so genuine!!

  • Luke Wade
    Luke WadeNapja


  • dean mh
    dean mhNapja

    Hell yeah

  • Alex T
    Alex TNapja

    Well you’ll get rich off it at least

  • boiling hot tea
    boiling hot teaNapja

    i wonder what jeff looks like without a beard

  • Themis Thomassin
    Themis ThomassinNapja

    This series was eye-opening. You shared a trauma with us which was heartbreaking and I feel for you. I cant imagine what you're going through, but going through Trauma's and trying to cope with mental illness myself, I can imagine its exhausting. But you're strong. You've got this. You can only grow from here. Sending lots of love!

  • TGA Super Plays
    TGA Super PlaysNapja

    Just realized Todd and Nat are matching outfits

  • NDNdinosaur4538

    7:26 my guy just disappeared

  • FlamingGG

    6:40 this clip is his pfp (profile pic) and it looks amazing

  • miguel estrada
    miguel estradaNapja

    This made me sick to my stomach as I went through the same exact thing

  • Yvsedits

    I literally had no idea about this this is crazy how he just hid this

  • miguel estrada
    miguel estradaNapja

    Man I feel his pain, I suffered the same injury just a different way. Glad you’re alive man!

  • PH xRäïñx
    PH xRäïñxNapja

    Well if david dint introduce jeff a long time ago, i wouldnt known him or seen him on HUbase so yeah.. glad he’ s doing okay now and staying positive.. 👍👍👍

  • DevisToci

    He looks like a hollywood star

  • marisa melice
    marisa meliceNapja

    this is the most interesting docuseries i’ve ever watched on yt

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer SimpsonNapja

    This is insane the music the vibe it’s like these old movies I love it

  • Michelle Zuze
    Michelle ZuzeNapja

    Just know that God saved you for a reason! Stay on the right path.

  • Stephanie Susanto
    Stephanie SusantoNapja

    wow you posted this on my birthday 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

  • Koko Kat
    Koko KatNapja

    David def likes boys its obvious

  • A-rob Is Beast
    A-rob Is BeastNapja

    This is all weird I have no clue who these cats are but they acting so relevant

  • SAMTR Traore
    SAMTR TraoreNapja

    He’s his own person.. it’s crazy cuz his humor is just like Ryan Reynolds..

  • Trippy Dino Gaming
    Trippy Dino GamingNapja

    I’m sorry for laughing-

  • Koko Kat
    Koko KatNapja

    I thought i was asexual until i watched this. Jeff got my panties wet.

  • Jacob Shipley
    Jacob ShipleyNapja

    Bro you have to date Addison ray it would be sooooo cute

  • Grace Lively
    Grace LivelyNapja

    Damn Jeff is a strong guy like he hardly gets offended he hardly cry’s i mean to see him cry is heartbreaking

  • Sent to Orbit
    Sent to OrbitNapja

    im gonna cry

  • Daniela Araujo
    Daniela AraujoNapja

    I’m not a fan of David but I saw Jeff’s interview about this and it reminded me of the girl who lost her eyelid from the dog bite. I can’t imagine what he felt but he’s such a strong man.

  • Humble Bee
    Humble BeeNapja

    Isn’t losing like 10lb a week unhealthy most nutritionists don’t recommend more than 2lb weekly

  • Melinda Cavazos
    Melinda CavazosNapja

    Breaking an eye socket is so painful. I had a fall September 2019 and needed 2 surgeries to fix my eye socket and I too almost lost my eye. And yes I too have a titanium piece holding up my eye🥺 my vision has been effected too. 2 years later and I still have no feeling on my whole left cheek upper left teeth, gum and lip. Glad you made it out of this alive. Keep taking your doctors advise. I suffered from depression too so stay in touch with the nurses they can help with anything. Good luck

  • Vac37 RL
    Vac37 RLNapja

    No one likes jonah

  • mar jan
    mar janNapja

    This is the most iconic video in the history of HUbase

  • Theycallmechin _
    Theycallmechin _Napja

    Ive been going through severe depression, and let me tell you this video made me feel like a pussy. Thankyou for the motivation man. I fucking needed it.

  • Curmudgeon Cure
    Curmudgeon CureNapja

    This is heartbreaking and it’s so hard to deal with trauma in today’s world where everyone moves on soooo quickly with all this consumerism and “quick consumable content” - people don’t even grieve anymore, so when you’re going through something this traumatizing … it is SO isolating, but also… very strengthening. Jeff you will change in the most beautiful ways, sometimes our worst pains are our greatest blessings. 🙏

  • Curmudgeon Cure
    Curmudgeon CureNapja

    Rectrospectascope. I love this doctor.

  • roblox

    you my fav in the grup

  • roblox

    why you do dis

  • Vulture Brain
    Vulture BrainNapja

    Damn David’s dead

  • Nicole Gudanowski
    Nicole GudanowskiNapja

    Once he started to cry his dog sensed it and walked into the room & then following him out for the support was everything😩😔❤️

  • Fenix Fenix
    Fenix FenixNapja

    What a wimp I got cheap shotted in my eyebrow with brace knuckles in high school my eye was hanging out my skull cracked and i was back to school in 2 days ans got laid right out the hospital with a eye patch on lol

  • LD M
    LD MNapja

    After seeing this I unfollowed David. What a shitty human. What kind of "friend" abandons after the accident. I'm disgusted. Wishing Jeff the Best!!!

  • jovani bonilla salazar
    jovani bonilla salazarNapja

    Waste of a video

  • Eggstraw


  • CJ Jones
    CJ JonesNapja

    4:35 Jeff’s hypothetical “What if you became a vegetable for 6 months after one of David’s stunts?” was eerily foreshadowing.

  • Chevy Norcottt
    Chevy NorcotttNapja

    The gamy ceramic oceanographically peel because snake inspiringly depend barring a pushy newsprint. second-hand, certain halibut

  • charli johnson
    charli johnsonNapja

    I have officially watched all Jeff’s videos I definitely need more of this content in my life 😂

  • Rca ygu Mi cabk
    Rca ygu Mi cabkNapja

    😂 the description is amazing

  • Ve Ro
    Ve RoNapja

    Does his eye still works?

  • richard jeeves
    richard jeevesNapja

    @11:11 oh Jeff.... you have no idea.

  • richard jeeves
    richard jeevesNapja

    Ah... I see David is always trying to take out peoples eyes.

  • Vinny the player
    Vinny the playerNapja

    Why does she act like a little kid

  • Amanda Rodríguez
    Amanda Rodríguez2 napja

    that pillow is actually awake and sleeping not happy and sad

  • Michael Townley
    Michael Townley2 napja

    What jacket was jeff wearing

  • Slumped
    Slumped2 napja

    The fact people hated as well

  • Cwheelz Poppy Plays
    Cwheelz Poppy Plays2 napja

    That foreshadowing, “this is dangerous dude, this is really close to your eye.” 👀

  • cashhflow
    cashhflow2 napja

    I feel bad for Jonah but was laughing at the same time I’m concerned for his pet rabbit

  • cashhflow
    cashhflow2 napja

    That guy I don’t know his name he looks like a kid from my old school and they both act the same

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia2 napja

    david is gonna get what he deserves one day and he’s not gonna like it. karma is real.. maybe this was jeff’s karma for being friends with the reptile himself, hope you finally learn from this jeff, david is not worth your life. you should’ve stepped away when you had the chance

  • E Dominguez
    E Dominguez2 napja

    He’s trying hard to sound like Jordan Belfort but it’s a really good show nonetheless

  • fantasy clan
    fantasy clan2 napja

    I’m sorry that you had to go through this

  • QualityFlips
    QualityFlips2 napja

    My best friend beat me in the head with an ax handle 7 times when I was 21. I was life flighted to another state. Severe brain trauma like you where my brain smacked off the inside of my scull. When I finally got out of the hospital I went and forgave him. He died a year later of an overdose. I was also ejected from a car at 55mph. Homeless 60% of my life..... I overdosed multiple times.... fast forward to today after clawing my way back to life... I'm married to the most amazing woman and have an amazing daughter. If you ever need to talk I'm here. Today is the first time I've ever heard of you, but you story hit home with me. Much love buddy.